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7510P-5-ZT610-203DPI-PP In-Line Verification
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7510P-5-ZT610-203DPI-PP In-Line Verification

Product Code: 7510P-5-ZT610-203DPI-PP
MPN: 7510P-5-ZT610-203DPI-PP

LVS7510P 5in LT,ZT610,W,203PP

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LVS-7510 Thermal Printer Label System provides print quality inspection and barcode verification, with integration into popular industrial thermal transfer printers. Newly added AutoExecute functionality (software v.20.2.1 and later) now allows the user to initiate the automatic import of an LVS-7510 job without the need for operator intervention.

This helps automate the processing of multiple jobs without operator interaction. External applications can be integrated with LVS-7510, such that production jobs are pushed to the monitored folder for running once the previoius job has been completed.

Ensure that 100% of labels are compliant with regulations and quality requirements at the point of label production, avoiding costly downstream errors. The LVS-7510 is now available for the Zebra ZT600 series of printers, providing 100% print quality inspection and barcode verification without slowing down the printing operation.

AutoExecute Functionality

     LVS-7510 monitors the contents of a specified folder and, when a zipped LVS job is copied to that file location, the LVS-7510 automatically imports the job and loads it. The system also offers the option of immediately running the job once it is loaded or allowing the operator to start the job. This functionality is available only in Production mode.

LVS-7510 Functionality at a Glance
• Used for product label verification in medical device manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, consumer goods packaging, cosmetics packaging, food and beverage packaging, and specialty chemical applications.
• 100% label inspection, including 1D/2D barcode quality verification, OCR/OCV verification, serialization, and blemish detection.
• Available with optional peel and present and internal rewinder
• Provides operator notification of print quality degradation, enabling proactive maintenance.
• Can be used with off-line verifiers to create a seamless label design and production quality system.

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